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Fantasy Themed Stiltwalkers

Fantasy Stilt Walker - The Queen from Alice in Wonderland

Our Fantasy themed stilt walkers will create lots of impact at your event - we have stilt walkers who represent characters from myths & legends and from a host of fantasy books and films. From the Queen and the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland to characters from Roman Legend - and if you don't see quite what you are looking for just let us know as we are often asked to create specific characters for events.

Cupid Angel Stiltwalkers


Our lovely pair of stilt walking copids or are they angels are perfect for valentines day or a romantic celebration -

they have certainly attended lots of weddings and engagement parties - a very romantic meet and greet or walkabout act Read more about

Butterfly Fairy Stilt Walker


A graceful stilt fairy with delicate pink wings - perfect for fairytale parties and environmental events -

Orc Stilt Walker


A scary giant orc or goblin straight out of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy - not for the faint hearted as he comes green and armed

A scary fantasy stilt creature Read more about

Rabbit Stilt Walker


You don't meet many bunnies who are this tall - but this rabbit is very friendly and is popular for easter and alice in wonderland themed events - we do have male stilt rabbits as well

Unicorn Stiltwalker


The Unicorn is a mysterious and elegant beast and our stiltwalking Unicorn certainly does it justice - this stiltwalker is perfect for masked balls, carnival themed events a

and for anything that wants some inspired but elegant fantasy added. Read more about

Stilt Centaur


This stilt Centaur - half man, half horse is a fantasy creature straight from the classical myths

who figures in the Narnia books and films - A classic Fantasy Creature Read more about

Stilt Ice Fawn


Another creature whose roots are in the classical tales of gods and mythical creatures - this fawn performs on bounce stilts which give his legs that goat like bend

a great meet and greet for an ice party or narnia theme event Read more about

Princess Stilt Walker


A perfect princess in a long flowing skirt - perfect for any fairyland or fairystory themed event

Sugarplum Fairy Stilt Walker


A lovely and intricate costume which is very victorian in style makes this fairy a very special stilt act. Lots of attention to details and she can be accompanied by her companion form the Nutcracker - the toy soldier - together they make quite a striking pair

Cheeky Stilt Cupids


These two cheeky cupids are dressed in white and shocking pink and they are out to create romance - great for parties

and a wonderful ice breaker Read more about

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