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Food Themed Stiltwalkers

Stilt Walker

We have a mix of food themed stiltwalkers to entertain at your event - we have a range of stilt chefs who are perfect for food festivals, farmers markets and healthy eating campaigns and we have some more unusual stilt walkers as well -

Juggling Stilt Chef Clown


Why not use one of our juggling stilt chef's - they can juggle items of food, balance french loaves and more -

they are lots of fun and can be teamed up with a ground based performer for added effect - Read more about

Stiltwalking French Chef


The stiltwalking French Chef has been seen at a range of events from food fairs to continental markets

His passion is food and cooking and he can't wait to share his knowledge of cookery - though he hasn't quite acheived michelin star status yet!
We can team him up with a stiltwalking french onion seller or classic french mime for a truly channel crossing experience.
He has been known to perform as german, italian and even english depending on the occasion! Read more about

Stiltwalking Lobsters


These bright red lobsters are very visual and will attract attention wherever they go - perfect as a pair they can also be booked singly

and are great for all kinds of food related and maritime events Read more about

Carmen Miranda


Carmen will dance in her fruit hat while her companion plays along - these two stiltwalkers are the spirit of Carnival colourful and fun -

and carmen is never short of a banana or a pineapple so she's great for healthy eating campaigns as well. Read more about

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