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Historical Themed Stilt Walkers -

Stilt Walker - Victorian Dickensian style

Our Historical theme Stilt Walkers come from a range of periods including the Victorian, Restoration, Georgian, Regency and Medieval periods which are very popular and have their own special sections - but we also cover the Tudor reign and the period from the 1920's through to the 1950's.
Characters range from stilt Lords and Ladies to stiltwalking Kings and Queens, Stilt Knights and more.
We have lots of stilt performers who specialise in historical costume so if you can't spot what you are looking for in these pages let us know and we will be able to help you.

1920's Art Deco Stilt Walker


A fantastic 1920's stilt lady dressed in period costume in a typical art deco style

A gorgeous costume perfect for 1920's house party themed meet and greet Read more about

Stilt Walking Flapper


This jolly Flapper Girl on stilts is a great 1920's style stiltwalker

she loves to attend parties but can't promise to bring the dog! Read more about

Dickensian Stilt Policemen


A couple of bobbies on the beat straight from the victorian period

these 2 peelers have stepped out of a dickensian novel Read more about

Stiltwalking Victorian


A lovely victorian lady for an evening event - ready to meet and greet your guests

A striking costume with period accessories Read more about

Victorian Lady Stiltwalker


In her striking red dress and contrasting accessories she is a very visual performer

Lots of fun and available for all kinds of themed events Read more about

Rockabilly Stilt Walkers


This pair of rockabilly stiltwalkers are lots of fun - they look great and will be happy to show your guests a few rockabilly moves

a fun dance themed meet and greet or walkabout act Read more about

Stilt Walking Dragon Rider


An inquisitive Dragon ridden by a maiden makes a great walkabout act for a medieval event

Not strictly historically accurate but lots of fun Read more about

Georgian Ladies


A chorus line of Georgian ladies - beautiful detailed costumed and lovely powdered wigs make this a very visual act

Can be booked as a duo or trio Read more about

Stilt Walking Knight


This unusual stiltwalking knight is standing on a couple of grumbling peasants

The feudal system is still in full swing and these peasants are not happy - a fun walkabout that combines stilt performance with puppetry Read more about

Medieval Stilt Drummer


A medieval stilt drummer with a marionette - an unusual period stilt act

a fun walkabout for medieval fairs Read more about

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