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Maritime & Seaside Themed Stilt Walkers

Stilt Walker

For events based around a seaside theme we have plenty of stiltwalking pirates some of them even have wooden legs.
We have lots of lovely stilt walker Sailors and other great maritime characters - perfect for family events.
We also have some more unusual sea themed character stiltwalkers so dig out your bucket and spade and lets head for the waters edge.

Sailor Stilt Walkers


Aye Aye Captain - these two sailor girl stilt walkers are perfect for maritime or water themed events

- they have performed at river festivals and tall ships rallies and are a great walkabout act
Lots of fun they look great and are good with the general public Read more about

Stilt Seaside Couple


A couple of stilt tourists on a seaside holiday complete with knotted hankerchiefs, rubber ring, water wings

and I'm sure they have a bucket and spade hidden somewhere.
A couple of goofy characters - lots of fun interaction a great active walkabout Read more about

Stilt Neptune


Here is the King of the Sea complete with his trident - he rules the waves and controls his underwater kingdom

but does occassionaly venture onto dry land
Great for maritime themed events as a walkabout and perfect with our stilt mermaid for meet and greet at parties Read more about

Stilt Pirate


Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum - this pirate captain will be the tallest you'll ever meet and he's in search of a new ship so watch out me hearties

A lively character and a great walkabout act Read more about

Sailor Boy Stilt Walker


This lovely stiltwalking sailorboy is also a juggler so he's lots of fun - friendly and interactive

Great for family events Read more about

Mermaid Stilt Walker


It's not often you see a mermaid on dry land but this stilt walker will suprise you - he has certainly got a tail to tell

Great when teamed up with our stiltwalking Neptune Read more about

Stilt Sailorettes


A lovely meet and greet act these cheeky sailorettes are a great way to welcome guests to nautical themed events -

fun and interactive meet and greet Read more about

Stiltwalking Lobsters


These bright red lobsters are very visual and will attract attention wherever they go - perfect as a pair they can also be booked singly

and are great for all kinds of food related and maritime events Read more about

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