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Medieval Stiltwalkers

Medieval Themed Stilt Walkers

Stilt Walker - Jester

Our Medieval Themed Stilt Walkers are perfect as a meet and greet for Medieval Banquets, Medieval themed Weddings and Hand Fastings.

They make great walk abouts at Medieval Fairs and Events
We have Jesters and Jugglers plus stilt Minstrels and some lovely Medieval Maidens and Knights.

Medieval Maiden Stilt Walker


A lovely Stilt Medieval Damsel to bring some colour to your event - the perfect meet and greet for a banquet

She has also been seen at medieval fairs and fetes.

Stilt Maiden & Jester


A duo act with a mix of skills this maiden and Jester a great entertainment as a walkabout at a medieval event

or Meet and Greet for a medieval themed evening

Stilt Walking Knight


This unusual stiltwalking knight is standing on a couple of grumbling peasants

The feudal system is still in full swing and these peasants are not happy - a fun walkabout that combines stilt performance with puppetry

Stilt Walking Jester


This multi skilled Stilt Jester can perform as both a stilt and ground act - he also blows fire

Great medieval stilt act

St George & Dragon


Brave St George will fly the flag for England accompanied by a stilt dragon ridden by a beautiful maiden

actually the Dragon appears to be quite friendly.
Perfect for St Georges day events and other english theme events - the dragon with rider is also available as a sol

Medieval Stilt Drummer


A medieval stilt drummer with a marionette - an unusual period stilt act

a fun walkabout for medieval fairs

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