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Stiltwalkers representing Nations, Countries and Regions

Stilt Walker - Geisha's representing the Japanese Nation

Our stilt walkers costumed to represent Nations and Regions are lots of fun with beautiful costumes and some fun interpretations.
We have colourful characters such as England's St George complete with Dragon and a quintessentially english cricketer, Stiltwalking Welsh Ladies and lovely oriental Stilt Geisha's as well Stilt Cowgirls, stiltwalking White Russian Cossaks and more.
Have a browse through our various stilt walkers and stiltwalking national characters - if we haven't got what you are looking for on the site give us a call as we are happy to create quality bespoke stilt characters.

Chinese Stiltwalker

this lovely stilt walker is a chinese lady who will meet and greet your guests in her beautiful silk chinese dress - a perfect oriental stiltwalker.

Oriental Ladies

a pair of stiltwalking oriental Ladies with parasols and fans - with lovely silk kimino's and beautiful attention to detail

they will welcome guests and interact in true oriental style. Read more about

Welsh Ladies

These welsh lady stilt walkers are dressed in tradtional costume and will help to provide a welsh flavour at your event

- perfect for St David's Day and other Welsh themed events - they can be booked solo or as a troupe. Read more about

Veiled Stiltwalker


Our lovely veiled lady is full of eastern promise and perfect for an east meets west or turkish themed event - she may suprise your guests as she greets them with some bellydancing.

Her costume is a delightful shimmering affair with lots of gold detailing. Read more about

Stilt English Cricketer


Our English Cricketer is the perfect sportsman - a great stilt walker for all kinds of occasions from sports events

to english garden parties in his classic whites he is ready at the crease and will of course be delighted to break for tea. Read more about

White Russian Cossack


Our Cossack stilt walkers in their icy white costumes look fantastic - full of passion and brio - they will certainly add to your event

and are particularly popular during the winter at Ice Fairs and Parties and Xmas Events, but they do appear in the summertime as well.
Very interactive characters who are lots of fun they always go down well at events Read more about

Scottish Rory


Rory is a very Big Character - a larger than life scottish patriot he is often accompanied by his faithful wolfhound and always seen wearing his kilt, sporran and tam o'shanter

Rory has performed worldwide and is a proud defender of scotlands heritage - a fun, colourful and very interactive stilt performer. Read more about

St George & Dragon


Brave St George will fly the flag for England accompanied by a stilt dragon ridden by a beautiful maiden

actually the Dragon appears to be quite friendly.
Perfect for St Georges day events and other english theme events - the dragon with rider is also available as a sol Read more about

Stiltwalking Geishas

A pair of lovely colourful red and blue stiltwalkers - these Geisha's will greet your guests in beautiful costumes and detailed head dresses

these oriental ladies will provide a colourful and delightful talking point. Read more about

Tribal Stiltwalker


a tribal dancer on peg stilts performing in a traditional mask - lots of fun and perfect for african and jungle themes

Can be booked with our lovely african giraffe Read more about

Welsh Rugby Player

our stiltwalking rugby player is a true welshman - complete with muddy knees and boots and fresh from the rugby field

with a fierce glint in his eye - he's ready for the scrum and determined to beat the english at all costs - lots of fun and ideal for sporting or welsh themed events.
If you want to create your own themed rugby player with a particular coloured shirt or advertising logo for a promotion or event just let us know your ideas and we will be happy to give you a costing Read more about

Stilt Cowgirl


This all american Stilt Cowgirl is lots of fun - she would fit in at any American themed Event from a square dance to a rodeo, a pie bake to an independance day celebration or even a Hollywood theme

- and we will be happy to partner her up with a stilt cowboy or even an indian or two - it's your choice. Read more about

Stiltwalking Flamenco Dancer


A spanish flamenco Siltwalker - her gorgeous costume will bring a touch of Spain and the passion of flamenco to your event

and we can team her up with a male flamenco partner if you want to book a duo act. Read more about

Stiltwalking French Chef


The stiltwalking French Chef has been seen at a range of events from food fairs to continental markets

His passion is food and cooking and he can't wait to share his knowledge of cookery - though he hasn't quite acheived michelin star status yet!
We can team him up with a stiltwalking french onion seller or classic french mime for a truly channel crossing experience.
He has been known to perform as german, italian and even english depending on the occasion! Read more about

Stiltwalking French Madame


This glamorous lady has come straight from parisian cabaret at the moulin rouge - glamorous and alluring she will entice your guests into your party

- a real ice breaker with lots of style and confidence. Read more about

Daffodil Stiltwalker


Our Stilt Daffodil is a lovely lady - perfect if you are looking for a stiltwalker for a welsh themed event and also works well for any nature or floral theme.

her beautiful daffodil hat always stands out in a crowd. Read more about

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