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Nature Themed Stiltwalkers

Environmental & Nature Themed Stiltwalkers

Stilt Walkers - butterfly environmental theme

Our Stiltwalkers for environmental events and nature themed occasions are a wonderful mix of birds and animals plus a few funny characters who are great if you want to get a message across to the public.
We have been involved in recycling events, campaigns to reduce reduce carbon emissions and similar promotions but our environmental stiltwalkers are lovely in their own right and are often booked for parties and events large and small to add a splash of colour and fun.

Florabunda Stiltwalkers

This delightful tall and flower drenched lady is accompanied by her husband in matching costume. Perfect for environmental themed events and they have been seen

attending flower shows, garden centres and anywhere that has a floral element.
Flora is a very interactive character and loves to work solo but when booked with her partner is happy for him to perform on stilts or as a ground based character. Read more about

Flower Stiltwalkers


We have a quartet of exotic stilt walking flowers including a water lily and a cactus who are great for environmental

and floral themed events but who needs an excuse to book such fabulous performers
Superb costumes and they can be booked solo or as a troupe for high impact. Read more about

Stiltwalking Dragonflies


These Pink Dragonflies have a carnival air and their style is fimly 1920's with their flapper bobs and head dresses - bubbly and fun

perfect for carnival, environmental and 1920's theme events or as a fun eyecatching addition to a party. Read more about

Giant Flower Stiltwalker

A very Visual Stilt walker, this giant flower is extremely eye catching and can be accompanied by his equally bright purple and pink female stilt companions - lots of fun

but they do need space as these are large costumes Read more about

Stiltwalking Giraffe


An adorable giraffe who just loves to meet the public, adults and children flock to see him as he wanders around

he comes with a ground based keeper to keep the crowds back and help with the interaction. Read more about

Green Stiltwalkers


This couple are truly green stiltwalkers - scattered with flowers and insects they will bring a breath of fresh air to any event as they interact with the public.

They can also be booked solo Read more about

Flower Girl


This lovely stiltwalker has a costume covered in lovely flowers and insects - she looks beautiful and enjoys meeting the public

Perfect for environmental and floral themed events and also works well for masked balls. Read more about

Insect Stilt Walkers


These giant green insects will cause a stir at any event - we are pretty certain

they are green grasshoppers but you won't meet many this size
They can be booked solo but are more effective as a troupe Read more about

Butterfly Stiltwalker


A georgeous decorated costume and interactive performer - lovely for meet and greet as everyone loves butterflies. Lots of attention to detail and big colourful wings make this a very visual performer.

Daffodil Stiltwalker


Our Stilt Daffodil is a lovely lady - perfect if you are looking for a stiltwalker for a welsh themed event and also works well for any nature or floral theme.

her beautiful daffodil hat always stands out in a crowd. Read more about

Stiltwalking Flamingos


These stilt pink flamingos are just great fun for carnival, environmental or pink themed events you don't really need an excuse to book them

wonderful as a meet and greet and are as cheeky as they look Read more about

Stilt Bird of Paradise


A magical Bird stiltwalker in the tradition of carnival stilt walkers appearing as visually dramatic birds, animals and fantasy creatures

- it's a very eyecatching costume performed on traditional peg stilts and is always popular as it is so visually appealing Read more about

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