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Space & Sci Fi Themed Stilt Walkers

Stilt Walker

We have cyber Maidens, Star Ship troupers and even the odd Alien or two plus some ethereal and mysterious other worldly characters.
So if you are looking for something out of this world take a look at our space themed stiltwalkers

Cyber Maiden Stilt Walker


This stiltwalking cyber maiden is straight out of the pages of a science fiction novel - feisty and determined nothing's going to stop her

We can team her up with one of our stilt alien monsters for extra fun Read more about

Star Ship Trouper


We don't know what this stilt walker is looking for but our guess is it could be quite scary - her certainly looks like a tough guy

you might like to team him up with our giant stilt insects Read more about

Insect Stilt Walkers


These giant green insects will cause a stir at any event - we are pretty certain

they are green grasshoppers but you won't meet many this size
They can be booked solo but are more effective as a troupe Read more about

3 Headed Alien Stilt Walker


This slighlty schitzophrenic stiltwalker is quite likely to start talking to himself - a fun alien walkabout with lots of interaction

A brilliant meet and greet for parties if he can just stop arguing with himself Read more about

Cyber Warrier Stilt Walker


She looks as if she has just stepped off the set of a Sci-fi B movie - a real cyber vixen

book her if you dare Read more about

Silver Stiltwalkers


Tall, elegent, mysterious and other worldly - the costumes of these beautiful stiltwalkers are an intricate white design whilst their entire skulls are a brilliant metallic silver.

A top quality act - can be booked individually but we recommend at least a duo to maintain impact. They can combine stilt sets with ground based crytal contact juggling. Read more about

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