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Sport Themed Stilt Walkers

Sports Themed Stilt Walkers - Cricketers

Sporting Events are always exciting but if you are looking for something extra to add to your event or you want to promote a sport and attract maximum attention look no further than our sporting themed Stiltwalkers.

These Sports People are larger than life and very happy to attend your event - we have quite a range of sports stiltwalkers from the cricketers pictured in traditional whites with super sized bats to Jockeys, Footballers, Rugby Players, Racing Drivers and more. Not to mention our lovely racegoers decked out in their finest.
We have more acts in our stable so if you don't see the sport you are interested in represented here just give us a call and we will help you to find a suitable stilt walker.

Stiltwalking Racegoers


This lovely couple all dressed in their finest are ready for the races - is it a grand prix or perhaps ladies day at ascot

but they are definately all set to attend a sporting event
Perfect for any sporting themed event Read more about

Football Stilt Walkers


Our stilt football players are ready for the beautiful game - they come in a variety of coloured kit and are of course happy to wear your teams colours

The tallest footballers you will ever see Read more about

Welsh Rugby Player

our stiltwalking rugby player is a true welshman - complete with muddy knees and boots and fresh from the rugby field

with a fierce glint in his eye - he's ready for the scrum and determined to beat the english at all costs - lots of fun and ideal for sporting or welsh themed events.
If you want to create your own themed rugby player with a particular coloured shirt or advertising logo for a promotion or event just let us know your ideas and we will be happy to give you a costing Read more about

Stilt English Cricketer


Our English Cricketer is the perfect sportsman - a great stilt walker for all kinds of occasions from sports events

to english garden parties in his classic whites he is ready at the crease and will of course be delighted to break for tea. Read more about

Racing Driver Stilt Walkers


Our team of stiltwalking racing drivers may not have state of the art engines but they are great fun

& certain to raise a laugh from the general public - lots of fun and very visual
A winning act that the public really love to watch Read more about

Jockey Stilt Walkers


These two stilt Jockeys are ready for a race - they may be on the look out for a suitable horse but that dowesn't stop them chatting to the public

Lots of fun - as you can see people love to be photographed with them Read more about

If you require further information


or would like to book a Stilt Walker please fill in an Enquiry Form
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