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Victorian and Dickensian Stilt Walkers

Victorian lady Stiltwalker

Our Victorian and Dickensian Stilt Walkers are lots of fun for period events

We have everything from stilt walking chimney sweeps to Victorian Policemen and lots of Dickensian Ladies and Gentlemen.

The lovely Lady pictured is a mistress of Etiquette and Manners and will be happy to advise your guests on matter of deportment and social nicety.

Chimney Sweep Stilt Walker


With traditional Sweeps Brush and a dislike of soap outr sweep will set the young 'uns right on the intricacies of the trade

On the look out for a new apprentice to send up the chimmnies this stilt sweep is a fun walkabout and meet and greet stilt act.
Great for Xmas as well - Father Christmas needs a clean chimney after all!

Victorian Couple


This couple may be off to the opera, out to see a bit of Gilbert and Sullivan or just off for a stroll

Wherever they are going they are perfect for your event

Illuminated Stiltwalker


A lovely illuminated Victorian costume perfect for evening events as a meet and greet at dusk

Or for lantern and Xmas parades

Dickensian Stilt Policemen


A couple of bobbies on the beat straight from the victorian period

these 2 peelers have stepped out of a dickensian novel

Victorian Stilt Couple


Lots of attention to detail in these period costumes - a lovely dickensian /Victorian stilt act

great for walkabout at period events

Victorian lady Stiltwalker


One of our typically victorian costumes - great for all kinds of events from meet and greet

party entertainment to walkabout at fetes and fairs

Policeman Stiltwalker


Our stilt police are always popular at events - this victorian style policeman is very tall but will be happy to stop on his beat to tell you the time -

A great choice for family events and parades

Stiltwalking Victorian


A lovely victorian lady for an evening event - ready to meet and greet your guests

A striking costume with period accessories

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