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Christmas Stiltwalkers

Christmas, Xmas, Winter, Frost & Ice Themed Stilt Walkers

Stilt Walker - Mother Xmas

Our Winter and Christmas themed Stilt Walkers are a fantastic collection of acts
Great for Xmas light switch -ons, Winter Frost Fairs and all the ice and xmas themed parties that happen at this darkest time of the year.
They will certainly bring some cheer in the winter gloom - and we have lots to choose from including traditional Christmas Characters - Elves and Fairies, Santa's Helpers, Reindeer and more unusual Ice Sprites, Ice Queens and Frost fairies and pantomime characters.
These are just a small sample of our many christmas and winter stilt walkers - we have lots more so if you don't see what you are looking for give us a call

Sant's Biggest Helper


This stilt walker really is a Big Elf - a larger than life stilt character with plenty of cheerful interaction

Great for parties and perfect for street events and if you need to hand out give aways.

Stiltwalking Elf


This Elf Stilt Walker is the perfect traditional christmas Stilt act - lots of fun and very interactive

Great for indoor or outdoor events

Cossack Stiltwalkers


This pair of Cossack stilt walkers in their sparkling white outfits are a great winter walkabout or meet and greet.

Lovely costumes and an energetic performance - you can book them solo or any combination - we have 2 male 1 female performer available in this character

Ice Queen Stiltwalker


This Ice Queen Stilt walker looks fabulous in her striking white costume and is very interactive

Perfect for christmas light switch on's and winter fairs and parties

Ice Maiden Stilt Walkers


A pair of lovely ice maidens wearing lovely silver and white costumes with lots of added detail

- perfect for ice and winter themed parties and events

Santa Stilt Walker


Ho ho ho this is thae tallest Father Christmas you will see - why not book him with one or more of our stilt elves

Santa is always popular wherever he goes

Ice Witch Stilt Walker


This stilt ice Witch may look a little scary - but she is always popular - perfect for ice and winter themed events

She is also popular for Narnia themed parties

Angelic Stiltwalkers


These two angel stiltwalkers have lovely white costumes and floating costume wings - great for Xmas events or any event that needs a heavenly host

Angels with a modern twist

Stiltwalking Cinderella & Prince Charming


A duo of classic pantomime stiltwalkers - cinderella is all dressed up for the ball and has found her prince charming - lovely romantic fairytale costumes

perfect for pantomime or fairytale themes

Jack Frost Stilt Walker


A silver costumed Jack Frost perfect for ice and fire themed events or winter ice fairs

Why not book him with our ice witch or ice sprite

Fairy Stilt Walker on a Xmas Tree


A lovely costume that can be lit up with fairy lights of course - great for outdoor light switch-ons or indoor events.

A fun walkabout act with a beautifully decorated costume.

Genii Stiltwalker


This beautifully costumesd stilt genii has come sdtraight out of the arabian nights - a perfect character for pantomime or eastern theme events

Pink Pantomime Dame


This very pink pantomime dame is not all she appears - as one of the Ugly Sisters from Cinderella she is looking for a husband so be careful - you can book her

solo or with her sister who has a matching blue outfit
lots of fun, saucy and silly banter from this character - all in true panto style

Cheeky Elf Stilt Walker


Our cheeky elf stiltwalker is sitting on Santa and he's having lots of fun checking up on what the kids want for christmas

This fun act is great for parties and also works well for christmas light switch on's and xmas fairs

Female Elf Stiltwalker


Here is another stilt Elf - one of our female elves this time - she's eager to help Santa by finding out what the kids want for christmas

A lovely meet and greet act

White Suited Gent


Our stilt Gent in his white Tuxedo is perfect for snow balls and winter events where you need a touch of class

Great for meet and greet

Reindeer Stilt Walkers


Where would Santa be without his Reindeer and here are two adorable stilt reindeer who are great for parades and meet and greet

An unusual and fun stilt act

Jack Frost Stilt Walker


This very tall Jack Frost is an elegant Gent - lots of detail in the costume and he can be illuminated for after dark events

Perfect for Parades he can also juggle and perform crystal contact juggling

Snow Queen and Ice Elf


One of our most popular Xmas Acts this Snow Queen stiltwalker is accompanied by her ground based ice elf

Perfect for christmas Parades, Light switch on's and for meet and greet at parties

Angel Stilt Walkers


This duo of angelic Stiltwalkers have lovely white feathered wings and beautiful white costumes

A heavenly meet and greet act

Santa's Helpers Stilt Walkers


A pair of seasonal stilt walking balloon twisters dressed in cheerful xmas red and white - Santa couldn't ask for happier helpers

Fun christmas themed balloon twisting and instantly recognisable traditional Xmas costumes

Ice Fairy Stilt Walker


A Stilt Fairy in an ice white costume standing on her pointed toes - a lovely Winter Walkabout for Xmas parties - but perfect anytime you need a fairy

She will be happy to sprinkle some fairy dust at your event

Jack Frost Stilt Walker


This chilly spikey fellow has an icy blue costume which lights up for after dark events - he may be frosty but he's always popular

A visual and unusual costume - great for light switch on's

Mother Xmas Stiltwalker


This Mother Xmas can be quite cheeky but she's suitable for family events - a friendly character she can meet and greet, balloon twist if you want

and she is great for handing out literature and Xmas promotions

Ice Sprite Stilt Walker


Our Ice Sprite is a colourful performer - his costume is a mix of silver, blues and white and he will bring an icy sparkle to any event

Great if booked with an ice fairy or our ice witch

Bo -Peep Stilt Walker


This not so little Bo-peep stiltwalker is a charming young lady who is in distress having lost her sheep

- so she's busy seeking help from any gentlemen she can find - lots of fun and very interactive and of course all in the best possible taste!

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